Certain occupations/avocations may not be eligible for coverage upon further consideration of the individual’s duties/activities. The following is a general, but not a complete list of occupations/avocations.

• Adult Entertainers
• Actors/Actress – Stuntmen(women)
• Armed Forces (Active Military) Personnel
• Asbestos or Chemical Workers Hazardous Waste Handler or Hauler
• Aviation such as Test Pilot, Aerial Photographer, Hot Air Balloon, Flight Instructors or Crop Duster
• Boat/Ship Captain and Crewmember/ Commercial Fishermen
• Full Time Bartender/Bar-Tavern Owners
• Boxer or Prize Fighters
• Circus, Amusement or Carnival Workers
• Commercial Fishermen
• Demolition Workers
• Drilling or Derek Worker
• Explosive or Pyrotechnic Workers
• Jockey, Horse Trainers, Stable Worker, or Animal Handler
• Lineman
• Logger, Lumberjack
• Longshoreman or Dock Workers
• Migrant Farm/Manufacturing Workers
• Missionary Workers
• Miners, Oil or Natural Gas Workers
• Professional or Semi-Pro Rodeo Participants
• Professional or Semi-Pro Athletes
• Rock / Mountain Climbing, Mountaineering, Cliff Hanging / Climbing
• Roofer or Chimney Sweep
• Structural Steel Workers, Sandblaster, Boilermaker
• Tattoo Artist
• Toxic Material or Chemical Workers
• Tree Surgeon / Arborist
• Unemployed due to Disability

Other Occupations or Avocations may be deemed to be hazardous or ineligible to be considered for coverage. In addition, individuals with felony conviction/indictments or criminal record may not be considered for coverage.